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Foto: Niclas Brunzell   
Tilde, eclectic soul
Tilde has been making music just about forever. She was singing at an early age, started playing piano when she was four and has during her school years been in music classes, studied piano and sung in ensembles.

After a while she started making her own songs and that has been evolving over time. From doing backing singing and vocals for smaller bands, she has the last few years gone on to play with Gothenburg artists Kristian Anttila and Jonas Game.

     In 2008 she met Kalle von Hall from Bad Cash Quartet who had heard her sing and wanted to collaborate with her.

     – I said that I would get in touch, and then I never did… We bumped into each other six months later and decided to work together.

     Tilde had spent some time in London where she had gone through a period of writing, adding on songs to the ones she already had and they decided to record them. They started last summer and now they have six songs finished. Two of them are on Tilde’s Myspace page.

     – I have had really good response to the songs, from among others record labels who wanted to hear more. When we are done mixing the other songs we will send them off and see what happens.

     Tilde’s music could be called pop jazz as well as singer/songwriter with sounds and arrangements which at the same time can sound like 10cc and Wall of Sound. But when it comes to influences and role models there’s only one name: Nina Simone.

     – She is like a goddess. Not just for her singing, I admire her so much for her piano playing, it is amazing. I have been told that I sound like everything from Neil Young to Dusty Springfield. I don’t know if I agree, but that could be a sign that my expression is my own.

     She is not averse to releasing an album on her own but she would prefer for a record label to pick up her songs and release them.

     – I would like to be able to make a living off my music, being able to write and play and not having to deal with admin. The best think would be if I could make an album everybody liked and I got to go on a world tour.

Translation: Marie Lindström

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