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Magna Carta Cartel, dramatic pop with hard roots
Magna Carta Cartel knows how to play the guitar. With a background in everything from post rock to death metal they are now playing slower and softer. But not less pompous.

– The band started with us meeting up at home and starting to play music which couldn’t be used for anything else. All members are old metal and hardcore dudes. This was something that didn’t fit in with the other stuff. These were the beautiful notes, says the singer and guitar player Martin Persner.

     The debut EP Valiant visions dawn consist of two instrumental songs and one with vocals. Dreamy well crafted guitar arrangements and the whispering singing suggests both post rockers Explosions In The Sky and Swedish band Logh.

     – Logh we like, a lot. The difference between us and them I guess is that they are more minimalistic whereas we blow the shit out of music with guitar effects. Although we haven’t aimed for making dramatic and pompous music really, it just turned out that way. People around us thought our music sounded like film music so we usually say that that is what we are doing… but for films that doesn’t exist.

     Magna Carta Cartel consists of five guitar players and it is clear that they are all very competent musicians. Martin explains this by referring to the band’s background.

     – If you have played the type of music we play you become quite technical, and you bring that with you when you are learning to play pop music. Also, it’s a lot harder to perform pop music and making it sound good than it is with metal.

Your EP is available to download for free on your website, both in WAV and mp3. Do you want to distance yourself from the music industry?

      – Yes, in a way we do I guess. Even though the ambition of the band is to reach out to many people and maybe get backup from a record label at some point. But we can’t really sit around a wait for a phone call from Sony. At the present time it feels right to display the material to public and try to build an audience. In about a month we will also upload a full length album.

Translation: Marie Lindström

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