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Foto: Tintin Hodén   
Alexis Weak takes disco beats a step further
– I have been rapping over techno music for quite a while. We used to arrange parties where we had MC:s and DJ:s, we mixed and rapped over the dance music. It was a live thing before I had even started considering recording music myself.

The mixtape Välkommen till Gullmarsplan came out two years ago and illustrates the above mentioned very clear: in true mixtape spirit there are club tracks being mixed like in a DJ set over which Alexis Weak raps the obligatory mouthy hiphop rhymes about things such as being ”the best thing that happened in 2007”.

                The mixtape was an introduction to his style and lyrical flow and focuses on attitude and heavy danceable beats. However, the new EP Farväl Gullmarsplan takes putting rap over electronic beats a step further and focuses as much on floor fillers about ”drinking beer like a Best in the club” and that he must be frozen for others to have a chance to excel over him. As well as softer songs with a slowed down tempo where the border between rap and straight singing momentarily are blurred, yet without losing the weight that have become one of his characteristics.

                Alexis Weak likes to point out that the music is not only focussing on the club.

                – It is as important to be able to dance to the music as it is to be able to listen to it on your way home from a party. The songs that mean the most to me are the more demanding ones, the ones that are for listening to at home rather than the ones that are for the commercial radio.

                As his musical influences Alexis list among others Eric Prydz, Axwell and ”other cheesy, greasy house” – there is even a vocoder on the EP! But the sound is best recognised by the clear flirting with many different styles and genres. Instead of stubbornly making a certain type of electronic sound, Alexis Weak likes to experiment with as many as possible.

                – It is more about elements than genres, it is modern music. Some people will love it, others will hate it but I hope that people at least will see what I’m trying to do and dare to embrace it.

                Farväl Gullmarsplan was released in May and an album will be coming in November released on La Vida Locash.

Translation: Marie Lindström

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