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Foto: Hanna Wikberg   
Lisa o Piu, fragile but deep sound
Lisa Isaksson along with her band Piu invites us into a folk psychedelic world beyond time and space. Somewhere far away from the city’s neon and concrete sounds Lisa’s beautiful voice and sweet guitar playing gilded with everything from strings and flute to mellotron and melodica.

Listening to this Stockholm group is a little like entering a folk fairytale. You sense a certain familiarity but are not quite sure where you are.

                – We want it to sound timeless, says Lisa Isaksson who lives in Åkersberga and writes most of the music.

                – The songs are arranged with many different instruments but they are all played very gingerly and minimalistically. It makes for a fragile but yet deep sound, Anders Engqvist adds who among other things contribute accordion, rhythm and clarinet.

                Their debut When this was the future was released June 26. The eight tracks are rich in contrasts; they are thrown between joy and melancholy. They were all written and recorded within the space of two years. The first recordings were made by Lisa Isaksson alone and the remainder together with the friends in Piu.

                – We didn’t want to stress and force something through but rather let the album mature. What’s important is that the finished product is exactly what we wanted, says Lisa Isaksson.

                She has been writing songs for about four years now with influences such as Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Mellow Candle. It’s about the same length of time she has been collaborating with Piu.
How do you pronounce Piu by the way?

                – None really knows, not even we in the band knows. Everyone says it differently. Once we had to come up with a name quickly before a gig. It doesn’t mean anything in particular, Lisa Isaksson says a little bit unassuming
What is most important in being creative?

                – To express one self and make something that you yourself think feels good. To feel that you have done something you are happy with. Perhaps make someone else in the world a bit happier. And to play together of course.

                This summer they’ve played several gigs, among them was the Dragonfly Festival outside Gothenburg. Perhaps not a massive surprise considering it was set in a prehistoric village – a setting that suits timeless Lisa o Piu just fine.

Translation: Marie Lindström

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